Property Management

Welcome to our Property Management page! It is our goal to ensure you receive your new home in good condition and that it is nicely maintained throughout your tenancy. We always need approval from the owner for any major work, but minor items can be quickly taken care of. We want you to be happy and to work with us for many years to come.

All the contractors we use are professional, licensed and bonded. In the event of an after-hours emergency, you are not alone. We will be available to respond to your call. Please ensure you understand your lease obligations and how to properly maintain your home. If you ever have questions or need additional clarification, contact us as Our timely communication is aimed to help remind you of those important seasonal responsibilities.


Submit A Maintenance Request


All Maintenance Requests should be submitted through the Resident Site Portal. Please do not contact the Property Manager directly. You will be asked to submit a request.


Use the following link to log on to the Resident Site Portal to submit a Routine Maintenance Request. 

How Do I Rent A Home From You?


Click on the property listing on our website to check its availability. If it is available, you can simply send your email address to  If there are any glitches, please contact us at the email address above.  


We will run a credit, eviction and background check which you will be responsible for payment. We will also verify your income, job and rental references. We submit your offer to the owner for approval. The owner can decide to waive some of the requirements by requesting an extra deposit or prepaid rent. Once they make a decision, we will promptly let you know. If you are working with an outside agent, all communication must go through them unless they approve our negotiating with you directly.


Will I Sign A Lease?


We will prepare a comprehensive lease that details the terms that you have agreed to. You should read the lease carefully since you are binding yourself to the terms of the lease. All leases are signed electronically.

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